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Saint-Petersburg, august 2022

Another Aquafarmers' School workshop was held on August 23-28 in St. Petersburg on the basis of trout farms of the Leningrad Region.

We thank our Partners: the Committee on Agro-Industrial and Fishery Complex of the Leningrad Region, Baltic Trout and Trout on Sviri cage farms, Scientific and Technical Council of the "Fodder of Russia", Eurasian Aquaculture Alliance, Sumy Salmon and Whitefish Hatchery, LLC "ProbioFeed", and all those who participated in the Workshop

Vladimir Sergeev, the main specialist of the sector of fish industry development of food, processing industry and fishery complex of the committee on agro-industry and fishery complex of Leningrad region, made a detailed review of operating fish farms in the region, told about the main problematic issues which the entrepreneurs faced at the moment and shared with all the participants a very useful manual "Healthy fish. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases" by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute.

Specialist-ichthyopathologist of the Committee on Agroindustrial and Fishery Complex of the Leningrad region, Department of Veterinary Medicine Vitaly Zhdamirov told about the most dangerous diseases of trout species and methods of their prevention.

Igor M. Rybakov, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Member of the Presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Fodder Association, made a review of the current situation on the Russian forage market, made a comparative analysis of the quality composition of domestic and imported forages, talked about the logistics challenges and prospects for the near future.

Yeliseyev Vladimir Vasilyevich, an ichthyopathologist of the Sumy Salmon and Whitefish Hatchery LLC, on the example of his own farm, shared with the delegates the effective methods of salmonid treatment that he successfully uses in his many years of practice

Vladimir Poleshchuk, General Director of PROBIOCORMA LLC, presented dry probiotic feeding additive PrimaLac, created to improve immunity, effectively combat toxins and normalize the digestibility of feed, produced by JV FA-UN (Republic of Belarus).

Presentation of Sergeev Vladimir Nikolaevich "The development of aquaculture in Leningrad region 2022

open presentation

Presentation by Vitaly Zhdamirov "On the epizootic well-being of aquaculture enterprises in the Leningrad region".

open presentation

open the video from presentation

Presentation by Vladimir Poleshchuk "Your Healthy Fish"

open presentation

After the theoretical class the participants went to the historical center of St. Petersburg and saw the main attractions of the Northern Capital: historic and architectural ensemble of Palace Square, including the Winter Palace / Hermitage, Alexander Column and the General Staff building, Nevsky Prospekt, Alexander Garden and the Admiralty, admired one of the central symbols of St. Petersburg - the monument to Peter I - the Bronze Horseman, took memorable pictures opposite the St. Isaac's Cathedral

In the restaurant PROSPECT, located in the center of St. Petersburg opposite the Astoria Hotel, participants had a chance to get to know each other better and chat in an informal atmosphere

The next morning, August 24, the bus brought the participants of the workshop to the territory of a cage farm "Baltic Trout", located on the picturesque shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Karelian Isthmus.

Roman Rodionov, the manager, showed the territory and cages, talked about the weather, explained the specifics of fish keeping and shared the nuances of feeding. Participants were interested in questions of logistics and interaction with outlets. After the tour guests were invited to taste Finnish fish soup!

On August 25 delegates went to the village of Staraya Sloboda, 277 km away from St.Petersburg, to get acquainted with aquaculture of the Leningrad Region. The guests were accommodated in a hotel complex, in the immediate vicinity of the Holy Trinity Alexander-Svirskiy Monastery.

Lunch in the refectory of the monastery, an excursion to the holy places and acquaintance with the history of the monastery, a walk along the lake Roschinskoye, a bath and socializing on a variety of topics.

26 августа участники отправились в поселок Вознесенское, Подпорожского р-на, самый восточный край Ленинградской области.

В дороге предстояло пересесть на паром. Умиротворенность пейзажа и водные просторы Онежского озера и реки Свирь создали соответствующее настроение группы для встречи с природой.

Алексей Михайлович Демин, директор хозяйства «Форель на Свири» провел экскурсию по территории, показал зоны для размещения мальков и молоди, продемонстрировал участок товарной рыбы, рассказал с чем приходится сталкиваться в условиях резкой перемены погоды, ответил на многочисленные вопросы группы.

Особый интерес участников вызвал производственный цех. Обсуждали оборудование и технологический процесс, посмотрели отсек с оборудованием для пробоя икры, цех копчения и упаковки готовой продукции.

Супруга Алексея, Диана пригласила всех на дегустацию, которая оказалась прекрасным полноценным обедом с вкуснейшей финской ухой и свежайшей рыбкой собственного копчения.

On the way back to the ferry, we stopped at a unique monument of military history - a powerful Finnish fortress, called the Veps Castle or "Wolverine's Eye.

The name comes from the area where the now small Finno-Ugric people, the Veps, live. This fortification is unique and has no counterparts in the European part of Russia, except for one similar in the depths of Karelia. This fortress is much more powerful than any object of the well-known Mannerheim Line or the Soviet Karelian Fortification. But at the same time it is very little known. 

In the evening of August 26, after a friendly dinner, certificates of theoretical and practical knowledge were awarded to the delegates of the Workshop.

On August 27 the group went to St. Petersburg. After a short rest, the guests had one more excursion: St. Petersburg can be admired endlessly

We saw the Memorial Church of the Savior on Blood, built on the site of the murder of Emperor Alexander II the Liberator, took a walk on Mars' Field, admired the sculptures of the Summer Garden, and had a photo session II – Освободителя, погуляли по Марсову полю, полюбовались скульптурами Летнего сада и провели фотосессию.

At the restaurant Lagidze waters recalled interesting and pleasant moments of this trip, discussed ways of possible cooperation, agreed on future meetings, planned a visit to the AquaPro Expo in April 2023.

Night St. Petersburg and drawbridges became a magical concluding chord of the workshop of the School of Aquafarmers "Summer of St. Petersburg 2022".

See you soon, friends!