11 - 13 апреля 2023 • Москва • ЦВК "ЭКСПОЦЕНТР"

Benefits of visiting

A visit to AquaPro Expo is an opportunity in a short period of time to

Advantages of visiting the exhibition for the heads of organizations

  • Find new suppliers and partners for business development
  • Negotiate and get individual terms of cooperation with Russian and foreign companies
  • Expand the geography of business and increase sales
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty of existing clients
  • Get practical information and the opportunity to share experience with leading industry experts at the events of the Fringe Program

The exhibition will feature

  • Equipment and technologies for: fishery, aquaculture, processing, storage and transportation of fish and seafood
  • Marketing solutions for finished products
  • Modernization solutions
  • IT solutions
  • Research institutes and government agencies
  • Water purification and quality control systems
  • Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines
  • Feeds and biologicals
  • Workwear
  • Organizations, providing legal services
  • Organizations, providing legal services Banking and financial institutions Companies providing logistics services

Advantages of the visit for investors

  • To negotiate with a big number of representatives of Russian and foreign companies of the fishing industry
  • To get acquainted with innovative technologies and solutions for modernization of production facilities and evaluate their investment potential
  • Compare offers from Russian and foreign companies and collect potential project database
  • Get advice from specialists, rendering legal and financial services
  • Get up-to-date information about the tendencies in the fish industry from leading experts and government representatives during business program events

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Visiting the international AquaPro Expo will help you solve major professional tasks, simplify your work and save time