Aquafarmers' School workshop: "We really need events like this"

The first stream of the School of Aquafarmers is coming to a successful conclusion.  From June 30 to July 3 in Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk, the two "pearls" of the Caucasian Mineral Waters resort, the final seminar of the course is held - a field trip to the "Trout Breeding Plant".

A business trip to one of the largest fishery enterprises of Russia allowed seminar participants to see how a complex works, which solves production, breeding and scientific problems.

During the tour around the plant, the participants viewed the rearing, nursery, feeding and quarantine pools, aeration and water treatment systems, hatchery for caviar incubation and trout larvae rearing, carp ponds and EZV systems, where sturgeon is grown. Fish farmers and technologists of the breeding farm shared their invaluable knowledge about the most important stages of fish breeding and even revealed the secrets of the author's caviar salting.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Breeding Farm "Trout", Chairman of the Fish Association Yuri Pavlovich Mamontov, who has extensive experience in state and scientific activities in the field of aquaculture, conducted the tour for the participants of the workshop in person. He told the participants about the species of fish, which are represented in the basins of the Breeding Farm, peculiarities of fish farming in the region, pricing policy and other aspects of the industry.

The presentation by Marina Viktorovna Mikhailova, a practical fish farmer, candidate of biological sciences, assistant professor in ichthyology, was of great practical value for the novice aquafarmers. She told about the prospects of breeding various fish species and about the possibilities of using aquaculture products for various purposes, including medical ones.

The topic of feed was of particular interest. Regardless of the region, the choice of highly effective feed and additives is the key and the most urgent issue. The partner of the workshop - company Hercules - presented to the participants materials about environmentally friendly Finnish feed Raisioaqua, which ensure sustainable development, improve fish health and optimize fatty acids content in the final product. Other participants of the event joined the discussion as well. In the end, the discussion turned out to be very lively and interesting.

At the end of the training session Irina A. Lyubina, General Director of AquaPro Expo organizer, and Alexander V. Nevredinov, Head of Eurasian Aquaculture Alliance, presented certificates of the School of Aquafarmers to all the participants, confirming the completion of the practical part of the course.

The usefulness and relevance of the training is confirmed by the participants themselves:

"The seminar leaves a very positive impression. I got a lot of useful information and I think it's right to hold such workshops. Anyway, beginning aquafarmers, who have a serious intention to develop this area of activity, should definitely participate in such events", - shared his impressions Sergey Nikolaevich Zelenev.

Another seminar participant, Yuriy Vasiliev, who came to the seminar from Bashkiria agrees with him as well: "I am a beginner fisherman, and it was very useful to talk to my colleagues, who breed fish in different ponds and EDFAs. I liked it very much that everything was shown by real examples, because it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Well, the atmosphere of the festival helps all of us in our work, and in communication and collaboration. We need events like this very much".

The atmosphere was really special because of the friendly spirit of the seminar participants and the unique beauty and colorfulness of the location. And at the end of the day the guests were able to appreciate fish not only as an object of business, but also as a tasty and healthy delicacy. The main treat of the gala dinner was the fish, caught by the participants themselves in the ponds of the stud farm.

Today the event continues with an excursion to Mount Elbrus, where participants will be able to appreciate the sights of the region in all its glory and, of course, discuss new impressions and ideas with each other.

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