Industry figures and facts

Positive tendencies are observed in the fishing industry of Russia for 5 years.

  • Catch volumes are increasing, quota utilization rates are growing
  • Fish farming indicators (aquaculture of trout, salmon, carp, carp) are growing at a considerable rate
  • Fresh and cooled fish production is growing
  • Export and import of goods are growing
  • Fish consumption in Russia is stable, sanctions and growing prices do not cause decrease in volumes

Добыча (вылов) водных биологических ресурсов в России, 2014-2018 гг., тыс. тонн

Аквакультура в России 2014-2019 гг, тыс. тонн

Производство рыбной продукции в России 2014-2018 гг, тыс. тонн

Объем экспорта рыбы, рыбопродуктов и морепродуктов из России, 2014-2018 гг, тыс. тонн

Stability and positive dynamics - that is what characterizes the fishing industry in Russia today! * - charts are compiled according to the data of the Federal State Statistics Service and the Federal Agency for Fishery

Volume of imports of fish, fish products and seafood in Russia, 2014-2018, thousand tons